Crazy For ‘Fútbol’ – Part 2.


Crazy For ‘Fútbol’ – Part 2.

Fatporn is the typical male who goes crazy about sports, specifically ‘fútbol’ or soccer as it’s known in some places.

With the league finals in progress, he doesn’t seem to care about anything else but his team. He goes as far as to ignore gorgeous Alexxxa Cat who wants to have a good time with him. This guy must be completely insane!

Alexxxa will have none of this nonsense, she is not going to be ignored over a stupid soccer game; so she changes into her hottest lingerie and steps right in front of the TV.

When Fatporn sees her, he’s instantly shocked, he doesn’t give a shit if his team wins or not anymore, he just want to feel Alexxxa’s amazing ass and fuck her brains out!

This guys is crazy for ‘fútbol’ no more.