Foursome – Part 2.


Foursome – Part 2.

Katy and Erick, and Lorena and Nacho, are two couples who attended a party out of town. They had a great time at the party and wanted to come back to their respective hotel rooms to get some rest.

Unfortunately for them, the hotel made a mistake with their reservation and booked just one room for the four of them. It is now late and looking for another hotel is out of the question. So they decide they are all adults and know each other well enough to share the same room for one night.

Once in the room, Katy and Lorena start felling a little horny. They start sucking on each of their respective boyfriends’ cock; when suddenly they come up with the same idea, and with just one look they swap boyfriends!

This foursome is a night none of them will forget.