Sensual Massage – Part 3.


Sensual Massage – Part 3.

Frida’s hands are legendary, people from all over the world come to see her for a relaxing massage hoping to get rid of all the stress they have in their lives.

Today’s is Erick turn to feel the touch of this massage goddess. Everything starts out normally. Frida asks Erick to get naked, lay face down on the table, and prepare himself for the massage. All business as usual.

But when Frida asks Erick to turn around and lay face up to continue the massage, she can’t help but noticing a huge bulge underneath the towel Erick is covering his private parts with. Frida is a professional and tries to keep going on with the massage, but she can’t concentrate and her eyes are always turning to that massive bulge in Erick’s towel.

She can’t help it anymore and decides to have a look below the towel, when she sees Erick’s huge cock she instinctively takes it between her hands and starts jerking it off.

This is a sensual massage Erick will never forget!